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This is a work in progress.

On the menu bar, you will notice links to several other pages on this site. 

Writings contains various things that I have written and published over the years.

I have been collecting internet sites and creating home pages for some time now, and this website serves as a menu to unite them all.  Click on My Other Pages to see what else I have built.

I have also been collecting photo albums.  Photo & Video contains links to these.

Links contains external links to the pages of other people and business with which I am in some way affiliated or in which I am interested.

If you know who I am and would like to contact me, or if you don't know who I am but would like to tell me nice things about my website or suggest ways to improve it, I can be reached at prsgrrl@hotmail.com.  If you didn't like my website and have nothing constructive to tell me but want to ruin my day (which would be much more time consuming for you than simply clicking the close button and forgetting you ever saw this website) please send your insults to prsg@usa.net because that account was deleted several years ago.

Thanks for visiting!